Education and research

Our mission is to create an educational and professional enhancement and greater international understanding. IMRDC manages a variety of research activities.

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Medical translations

IMRDC provides medical translation services to Clinical Research Organizations and Bio-medical Researchers since 2008.

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Referral Service

IMRDC International Referral Service provides personalized, culturally appropriate referral services…

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Academic publishing is a major focus of IMRDC. IMRDC publishes the variety of scholarly literature. 

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International Medical Research and Development Corporation (IMRDC) is an independent organization founded in 2008 to promote the academic development, to support research and research related activities on all fields of the medicine and biology, to foster broader knowledge among the scholastic people, researchers, and professionals around the globe. IMRDC provides support for these scholarly endeavors providing short and long training program on research, arranges workshops and conferences in USA and abroad and administers other programs to support biomedical research. The structure of the IMRDC is designed to support the on-going commitments that we perform for biomedical researchers, which mostly involve the coordination of international research programs. We are also evaluating opportunities to support the science community with services in areas such as academic publishing, peer review, evaluation support, education and conferences. IMRDC is committed to driving progress in research and innovation.

IMRDC provides following services:

  • Academic Publishing of scholarly literature and the International Journal of Biomedicine
  • Medical Translations
  • International Physician Referral Service
  • Educational Training and External Examination of Doctoral  Dissertation (PhD Thesis), Review and Editing of Research Paper International Patient Referral Services

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