IMRDC International Referral Service provides personalized, culturally appropriate referral services for patients with limited English proficiency traveling to USA for medical consultation or treatment.

If your patient needs to travel to the United States for consultation or treatment, IMRDC International Referral Service team will work closely with you to coordinate an efficient referral to the best American specialist. Our dedicated team will address your patient’s individual preferences and cultural, linguistic expectations.  Our team will also keep you informed of your patient’s progress and treatment plan and send you the patient’s records when they return home to ensure continuity of care. In order to refer your patient we need the following:

  • We need to know your patient’s medical history and information, specifically your diagnosis and the medical issue(s) to be addressed.
  • Your preferred payment method (self-pay, insurance*, embassy).
  • The approximate dates your patient is available for appointments.
  • Your basic contact information (physical address, phone, email).
  • Finally, any special needs your patient may have.

Our international coordinator will help your patient schedule an appointment at a convenient time with the most appropriate U.S. based physician. Our coordinator will help your patient complete all the necessary forms and translate them into English language for appointment scheduling and registration..

To refer a patient or discuss a case with an IMRDC International Referral Service by phone or videoconference, please do one of the following:

Disclaimer: We will refer you to a physician based on the specialty and location you request. IMRDC is not responsible for the medical services you receive from any physician to whom you are referred.

Call: +1- 917-740-3053