IMRDC provides medical translation services to Clinical Research Organizations and Bio-medical Researchers since 2008. Our specialization, focus, quality management standards and customer-centered attitude have earned us the trust of many of the bio-medical researchers and institutions. IMRDC translation service was founded and managed by translators with backgrounds in science and medicine. Our medical translators have M.D. degrees, accreditations and advanced degrees in their profession, certifications on the methodology of the clinical trial process and the end client’s requirements.

Our areas of expertise in medical translations are:

  • Research papers
  • PhD thesis
  • Monographs
  • Physician manuals
  • Clinical protocols and clinical protocol synopses
  • Clinical Study Agreements and contracts
  • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • User Manuals for medical devices
  • User Guides for medical software
  • Localization of medical software
  • Translation of website content for companies in the Life Sciences
  • Company newsletters

Our translation pricing is extremely competitive and all-inclusive.

How is our translation pricing determined?

  • Translation projects are based upon the total number of source or target words
  • The complexity of your subject matter
  • How fast do you need it? (3 days, next week, next month)
  • Volume of work (one time project or ongoing work, 1 page vs 100 pages, etc.)
  • The document format (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Photoshop, html, etc.)

Customary Translation Services Turnaround Times

Word Counts Turnaround Times  
Under 1000 words      Within 3 days  
Between 1000 and 5,000 words          4 – 6 days  
Between 5,000 and 15,000 words     1 – 2 weeks  
Between 15,000 and 30,000 words     2 – 4 weeks  
More 30,000  words   > 4  weeks  

We offer two types of translation service rates: Base Translation and Premium Translation rates.

Word Counts Base Premium
Less than 1000 words (minimum 500 ) $0.18 per word $0.22 per word
1,000 – 2,000 words     $0.16 per word $0.20 per word
2,001 – 5,000 words   $0,15 per word $0.19 per word
5,001 – 10,000               $0,14 per word $0.18 per word
Over 10,000 words     $0.13 per word $0.17 per word

Base English Translation

Base English Translation offers a document translated in perfect native-level English.

Premium English Translation

It may be that your project requires suggestions on word choice, tone, flow, tense, point-of-view, sentence structure, restructuring for clarity. Premium English Translation offers a well-written, well-structured, publication-ready manuscript. It is important to keep in mind that premium rates may also apply based on technical difficulty of the source document.

Forms of Payment

Payment can be made by wire transfer, credit card, and via PayPal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards for payment. In order to make a credit card payment, you must fill out Authorization Form.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are as follows:

Projects $500.00 or less: Full payment is required upfront.

Projects over $500.00: We require a 50% deposit upfront and the outstanding balance must be paid within 30 days of the date of issue on the invoice. All certified translation assignments must be paid in full prior to delivery of finalized translation, i.e. after draft approval by the customer.

Changes: If changes to the text are required once a translation project is underway, the text that has been translated will be added to the word count of the updated document.

If you are interested in submitting your documents to IMRDC for translation, please use this link.