Academic publishing is a major focus of IMRDC. IMRDC publishes the variety of scholarly literature.  Among them is the International Journal of Biomedicine.

International Journal of Biomedicine (IJBM) is an open access journal and is published four times a year both in print and on-line. IJBM (ISSN-2158-0529 Print Edition; ISSN-2158-0510 Online Edition) publishes original research studies, reviews, hypotheses, editorial commentary, and special reports spanning the spectrum of human and experimental research on the topics of basic, applied, and translational research in biology and medicine. The journal allows free online access to full text articles at

More information on International Journal of Biomedicine and how to submit  your research article  for the publication in IJBM can be found at

IMRDC also publishes a wide range of scientific books, manuals, textbooks, collections of scientific articles in the biomedical area. IMRDC promotes the latest advancements in biomedical science and clinical practice, publishes the latest research findings, and supports medical education.

This section will guide you through the information you need to publish with IMRDC

Book Proposals        

How to submit a book proposal

We recommend that your proposal include the following elements:

The audiences

      Audiences for which your project is intended (medical student, house officer, fellow, specialist, and generalist).

The Table of Contents and Organization

  • Title of project
  • Name(s) of the Author(s)
  • Author affiliations

           Preparing a table of contents and listing prospective authors will help you to refine plans for overall structure, and it will enable the publisher and reviewers to evaluate the organizational logic.

The Format

     Total number of pages

     Number of color pages

The Schedule

 When do you anticipate delivering complete, final, production-ready manuscript?

 Curriculum vitae

Please provide us with a copy of your curriculum vitae, including your teaching and research experience; degrees and affiliations; prior publications; special qualifications; awards. Please be sure to provide your mailing address and telephone numbers, as well as fax and email address.

Our Services include

Translation of foreign language manuscript into English language, copyediting,  professional editing of your manuscript, Interior and cover design & Layout obtaining an ISBN number and bar code for your book, cataloging your book with the Library of U.S. Congress, professional printing and binding. We also offer on-line publishing of your book and its distribution through bookstore.

Book publishing rates

IMRDC book publishing rates are very competitive.  Our publishing  rates vary depending on  Book size, Cover design,  type of Binding (Paper Back or Hard Cover), Paper type (B&W and color pages), Interior design & Layout, Book quantity.

Average rate for one English-language page of a paperback book (size 6″x9″; B&W pages) with the order of less than 100 copies of your book (minimum 50 copies) is $1.10; more than 100 books – $0.50. Average rate for one English-language page of a hardback book (size 6″x9″; B&W pages): with the order of less than 100 copies of your book (minimum 50 copies) is $1.30; more than 100 copies of your book – $0.60.

If you are interested in submitting your manuscript to IMRDC for publication, please use this link.